A Deeper Plane

Adapted from something written long ago in the middle of everywhere….

There is a deeper plane of existence. A realm of energies and spirits which lies teasingly out of reach most of the time. It can be found in the solitude of wilderness … in a canyon, under a waterfall, far from civilization, in the unspoiled natural world.

There. In those places. Kachina spirits dance through the fertile basins of extinct volcanoes, ghosts walk lost paths that once went to the true middle of nowhere; there’s a gentle canyon cliff where pinyon jays flock and call out their sorrows of passing time, and a mountainside where wildflowers whisper their beauty upon rousing winds.

In civilization, where wilderness is crushed and ‘the not now’ is everywhere, the deeper plane goes unnoticed. It’s still there, but all the hustle and bustle of the people and their machines overwhelms it. Suppresses it. Especially for those attuned to the quiet of nature, the hurry-scurry of civilization causes a vitality shut down, a pneuma no more. Deep down beneath the stoic surface, the longings of these spirits still breathe, waiting and urging a return to the wilds.

There’s a vortex in nature ready for your light to shine, to echo your aura in the mystic waters of a stream feeding an Arizona oasis or a misty rapid along an Oregon river. The water rushes by with no special place to be while the flow remains constant. Clouds shaped like thunderbirds fly over without a care to be seen, and rainbow arcs in the mist stir up the primordial energies lost to always trying to get someplace new. This moment in nature whispers of a deeper plane, a lost calling, the voices of the ancestors.

The mycelium network connecting all things awaits. We must go once again to find ourselves and connect with the timeless and vast power of nature — with the energy of the Earth and the Cosmos.

Yes, there is a deeper plane ….

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