ThunderBird Walking

ThunderBird Walking is an autobiographical novel inspired by a writer’s experiences living near Grand Canyon. Laced with mystical horror and magical realism, this eclectic book invites the reader on a journey that stretches from North Carolina to Arizona and into the depths of one man’s psyche.  
Thomas WyKliffe died and lost his ThunderBird Walking spirit somewhere in Grand Canyon. Now he wanders the rim, an unknowing ghost, trying to make sense of his life. He speaks into the wind hoping someone will help him piece together his fleeting memories so that he can take flight into a new realm. Unaware of the moment of his death, he wastes away with each passing day, not knowing he needs a rescuer before the lessons of his life fade away and he plunges forever into a dark chasm.

A work of fiction from America after the fall of truth.
ThunderBird Walking

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