The Self — Seeing ‘I’ to ‘i’

Where lies the self? Is it the ego or the spirit or some place in between?

Seeing eye-to-eye means mutual understanding between two people. Perhaps understanding the self could be called “Seeing ‘I’ to ‘i’”; seeing ego to spirit. When those two parts of a person are in alignment, the self is actualized.

Consider a scene often played on screen of two people (or perhaps an alien and a human) trying to communicate where there is no common language. They point to their heart and say “I am Sam.” (Sam being their name, expecting the other person to give their name.) Except that by pointing to their heart, they are referencing their spirit self, not their ego self. Many tribal peoples have two different ideas of self, one that resides in the head and the other that resides in the heart. This might be considered the ego (head) and the spirit (heart). (In the case of the alien, let’s assume their heart is in the same place.)

In this age of people redefining their pronouns, perhaps the more important thing to understand is that it’s an alignment of the ego and spirit — the big I to the little ‘i’. Does the spirit reside in the body? Or does the body reside within the spirit? Does spirit have a gender?

The search for the self is a series of questions, many of which can’t truly be answered. It’s a constant re-balancing of identity. Seeing ‘I’ to ‘i’ with ourselves allows for more seeing eye-to-eye with others. Novel ideas to ponder heading into the new year of 2021.

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