A CoronaVirus for a King

This is based in part on speculation and conjecture….

It looks like the current president of the United States is planning to choose the economy over the public health, risking both due to his ignorance. It’s part of a dark re-election strategy that harkens back to more ignorant times—a CoronaVirus scare used as coronation ritual for a new king’s dynasty. Truth be told, he could luck out and play things almost right so that he gets reelected in November before a second wave hits or a mutated form of the virus emerges. He’ll tap into the current narcissism in America and send the nation down a dark path of choosing personal profit over community.

The prospect of going for broke with the economy and the health care system leads toward rhetoric in line with fascist eugenics ideas proven to be foolish. The term survival of the fittest will no doubt be raised as if the virus will only kill old people, those with weak immune systems, and those who are not too bright. Or perhaps—as the reopening of the economy is scheduled for Easter Sunday—the notion will arise that those who survive will be chosen by God. What will really take place is that rich people will use the situation to become more powerful and wield more control over others. They will rebuild the health care system to be even more profitable than it is now, and better jobs will only be available to those who praise their wisdom and bravado for seeing us through the pandemic. We’ll be living in a fascist oligarchy under a man (with his son as heir apparent) who sees himself as king.

Letting a novel virus run rampant makes it more likely to mutate, and there’s already some anecdotal evidence that the virus in America is more deadly to younger people than it was in China, a possible mutation. Aside from overwhelming the health care system in the short term, it could proliferate into several different strains or become a chimera with a flu virus, making finding a vaccination a constantly moving goal post. There’s all kinds of things that could happen, but one that won’t is that things will be back to normal “very soon”. The lie the king will proffer is it’s better to gamble with herd immunity and hope for some magical outcome or middle ground result rather than follow the protocols for best outcomes based on a scientific approach. Many people will buy into that because it’s good to be (like a) king. Let’s gamble with other people’s lives!

Perhaps the only idea that might reach narcissists who value their investments over community is to raise a spiritual, self-wellness idea. Once a person makes a narrow-minded decision based on ego and profit, they trap themselves into that narrow-mindedness. If the weight of deaths in the community is part of that trap, it becomes much harder to admit the mistake and seek redemption or change themselves. Their ego works overtime coming up with stories that mask the truth. They are headed down a dark path where profit becomes more and more important, and they will do whatever they can to escape self-realization of what their greed has caused. It might manifest in simple ways; perhaps they lash out at people unnecessarily, as the president did recently to an easy question from a reporter about providing reassurance to scared Americans. Perhaps it gets worse and they find themselves grabbing crotches of others and bragging about it. This man who would be king is a person who has been gambling with the money and livelihoods of others much of his life, and it shows. He’s well practiced at deflecting from introspection and self-realization. He seems beyond hope. Is this a man and a dynasty worth propping up? Is profit before community an idea worth following?

 All egos die and all dynasties fall. At some point in your life, to be a decent human being, you will have to choose community over profit. Now is as good a time as any. Shall a CoronaVirus fly freely over the land sowing destruction? A crowning achievement for a man who would be our king?

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